How to create a good documentary video

How to create a good documentary video

Some documentary video provide us with educational information about things that are not well-know, some tell detailed stories about important people and/or events. The steps to make a good documentary video can be

1. Writing and Developing an Idea

– Choose a worthy topic
– Find a topic you are interested in that will also be engaging and enlightening for your audience
– Give your film a purpose
– Research your topic
– Write an outline

2. Staff, Techniques and Scheduling

– Recruit a staff, if necessary
– When hiring or recruiting your team, look for people who share similar values when it comes to the subject matter of the documentary
– Learn basic film making techniques
– Get equipment
– Organize, outline, and schedule your shooting

3. Shooting a Documentary

– Interview relevant people
– Get live footage of relevant events
– Film establishing shots
– Film B-roll
– Shoot dramatic recreations
– Keep a diary

4. Assembling and Sharing Your Film

– Make a new outline for your finished film
– Record a voiceover
– Create graphical/animated inserts
– Think music (original) as you are in production
– Edit your film

5. Testing, Marketing and Screening

– Do a screening
– Spread the word!
– Take your documentary on the road
– Get inspired!
– As a last word––enjoy the process.