Frequently Asked Questions

How can V1 Media achieve high quality production at a competitive price?

We believe the best marketing strategy is to offer the best service, which will eventually lead us to have more clients. Meanwhile, we minimise our marketing cost by utilising various online media for promoting our services. Take a look at our portfolio to know how we make that happen.

How many years of experience does V1 Media have?

Our professional filming team has accumulated over 10 years in video production and marketing. With our outstanding marketing strategies and advice, it is for sure that our clients will have more eyeballs drawn to their brands through effective video marketing.

How do I know which video production package is best for my business?

Clients can pick a package that fits with their budget and application. Just drop us a message or a call if you have queries about our packages!

Do I need to provide content material for my video?

It depends on different packages and upon client’s request. Contact us and let us know the details of your project.

How do I solve the problems such as filming location and actors?

We would advise if clients need actors or actresses in their videos, and how to choose a location according to the scale of production and special requests.

How will V1 Media submit their works to us?

We will upload the HD videos to a cloud server for clients to download within a designated time.

Will V1 Media work overseas?

Sure, we are happy to go beyond Hong Kong for a perfect video upon client’s request.

What are the payment terms of V1 Media?

First of all, please choose a video marketing package that suits you most. Our team will be in touch with you once payment is completed.

Can I get a refund from V1 Media?

Once the payment is completed, 3 days of cooling-off period will be in effect, you may request a refund during this period. However, if V1 Media has confirmed details of the project with you, refund would be invalid.

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